25 Things Every Nursing Mother Needs to Know

By Kathleen Huggins, Jan Ellen Brown

25_NursingMom1Breastfeeding rates are currently at a twenty-year high in the United States, with more than three out of every four new moms now choosing to nurse their infants. Nursing provides the best nutrition for baby, with health benefits for Mom, too. But to a first-time mother, breastfeeding can be a bit daunting. Enter 25 Things Every Nursing Mother Needs to Know, a concise, simple guide for moms-to-be and new mothers who want all the essential information on breastfeeding in an attractive, easy-to-use format. Kathleen Huggins and Jan Ellen Brown address common concerns of nursing mothers in 25 concise and sometimes humorous essays. Topics cover the entire nursing period, from latching on to weaning, and each is headed with an early parenting principle, such as Breastfeeding Is Best for Your Baby, Your Partner Can Be Your Best Supporter, Full-time Workers Can Breastfeed Their Babies, and Some Mothers Need to Supplement Their Breast Milk. As in Huggins’s classic bestseller, The Nursing Mother’s Companion, information is presented in a friendly, thorough, and supportive tone, and in this book, it’s also lighthearted and to the point. The latest addition to our 25 Things series (other titles include Father’s First Steps and 25 Things Every New Mother Should Know), this new volume is an ideal shower or new-baby gift.