Nursing Mother, Working Mother

NMWMFirst published in 1997, this award-winning breastfeeding guide for mothers who work outside the home includes information on the benefits of breastfeeding for working moms and their babies, how to ensure early breastfeeding success, how to choose the right pump in every situation, securing lactation space and respect at the workplace, instructing childcare providers on feeding pumped breast milk, and continuing breastfeeding even when a job requires business travel.

Updates to the revised edition include the legal rights of breastfeeding mothers, new research on working moms and infant attachment, and new information by best-selling author and lactation expert Kathleen Huggins on breast pumps and pumping that includes instructions for childcare providers on feeding babies pumped breast milk and how working moms can maintain milk production. The book also includes helpful new illustrations, making it even more appealing and accessible. Mothers need guidance and support to combine breastfeeding with their working lives, and the reassuring and informative revised edition of Nursing Mother, Working Mother assists them at every step.